Tribute to late President John Atta Mills by Millicent

Professor John Evans Attah Mills, the late President of the Republic of Ghana was a man full of passion and love, I have known him to be a man who loved his people, not boastful, even he stood low for people who were under him. He was a man who wanted justice, he showed this during his term of office when he was willing and working to bring all those who had offended the law to justice. he was gentle and kind to the extent of hosting a dinner for the Blackstars after their worldcup match defeat. A man who always respects the view of the country, not his and puts the country first before anything, which you would hardly see in other state heads.

He was a man full of joy and even made people smile when there was much tension. He was a man who loved sports so much, that he was present during most of the matches the Blackstars played in the 2010 world cup . most above all, he was a man who loved and respected God to the extent that he mostly hosted prayer sessions in the castle, and was criticized for making the castle a prayer house, but he did not care. He was a man who died for the nation out of his love.May his soul rest in perfect peace.

We will Truly Miss him. We love him, but God loves him most.

There will be 1 minutes silence to be observed at 14.15 GMT

Posted by on July 31st, 2012

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