Tribute to late President John Atta Mills by Arabella

O death, where is thy sting?
Oh grace, where is thy victory?
1 Corinthians 15:53-55

A big oak tree has fallen.
Men are mourning, women are wailing and children are confused.

Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta-Mills has gone to his ancestral village,
Where our great grandfathers say,
The journey is so long and tiring.
That at the end of it all,
You will not return to where you came from.
Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta-Mills has gone to his fathers’ village Nkumfi-Asiando,
Never to come back.

May your ancestors give you water to drink
To cool your weary and tired soul.
The Ghanaian drums are throbbing,
Nkumfi-Asiando drums of Warriors of old
Are sounding and crying.
Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta-Mills, the great grandson of Mother Ghana.
The leader of Ghana is no more,
The country is in deep mourning.

The great great grandson of our ancestors has gone
To battle with death and has not returned.
A true son of the land has fallen indeed!
Atta, your good deeds shall continue to remain in our hearts,
For posterity to emulate your kind gestures.

Fare Thee Well. May God be with you.
You have successfully accomplished your divine task.
Damirifa Due! Damirifa Due!!

There will be 1 minutes silence to be observed at 14.15 GMT

Posted by on July 31st, 2012

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